Involve us at an early stage: Our experience and creativity as well as constant framework conditions from development to series production reduce your risks.


From single production to large series: We produce and deliver quickly, flexibly and precisely and are a reliable part of your value chain.

System solutions

Installation-ready components for many branches of industry, pre-assembled if required: You can rely on highest quality at the right time at the desired location.


Superior bending technology

Fuggerstraße in Nuremberg had to be closed so that our new Amada folding machine (HFE 3i 4005L) with a length of almost 6.5 meters and a height of over 3.8 meters could be delivered. The machine is a heavyweight in the area of precision folding technology – not only because it weighs 33.4 tons.

With it, we are increasing our manufacturing range in bending technology to a press force of 400 tons and a press beam length of 502 centimeters.

Discover our entire machine park.

Functional, versatile and aesthetic

Ernst Meck GmbH is specialized in design, manufacture, processing and assembly of perforated metal and metal sheet cladding. We accompany our customers from creating a prototype to serial production. Our versatility is shown in our products.

It is our goal as producer, development and system partner, to push the economic success of our customers."
Alexander Fink, Daniel Fink (Executive officers)

We process steel, aluminium, stainless steel, and non-ferrous metals.

Our employees are masters of our machine park's technology and meet highest quality requirements on schedule on a daily basis – if you wish also for you!
The centre of our production capacities is formed by several wide and sectional presses, a flat base laser, a punch and laser centre, bend presses, welding systems, a powder-coating system, and the tool construction.
Around that we have systems for straightening, rounding, folding, and deburring. The company's own tool shop helps with project adjustments and quickly can solve unexpected problems.

Audi-Centre, Linz-Leonding

Ernst Meck GmbH produced the perforated sheets or the facade of the Audi Centre in Leonding, on the outskirts of Linz. We offer the perforated, edged and anodised metal sheets directly from a single source.

We enjoyed working with the responsible architects, facade builders and of course Audi AG.

Certified Quality after ISO 9001

Our company guidelines are based on good consulting, fast communication as well as high motivation, customer orientation and flexibility.
Experienced and motivated employees and a modern machinery park guarantee product quality and adherence to delivery dates. Continuous quality improvement is traditionally the focus of all activities.
The logical consequence was certification after ISO 9001 – several years ago.