Construction and Agricultural Machinery

Spare and wear parts for road pavers

As part of the Fink-Group we are suppliers for the construction machinery Fink GmbH. We have great know-how in the field of spare and wear parts for road construction machinery. We process Hardox® wear plates, the world's leading abrasion resistant (AR) steel. Hard through and through, from the surface to its core, the material proves itself even in the most difficult environments.We know how crucial an above-average service life is for construction elements in this industry and can meet this demand.
Mechanical Engineering

Aluminum and copper sieves

In industry, aluminum screens are found in plants where good thermal or electrical conductivity improves or speeds up the process. Copper screens are often used in outdoor applications.
Construction and Agricultural Machinery

Stairs, steps, platforms

We stamp and process materials such as aluminum, hot-dip galvanized steel or stainless steel. These materials are suitable for steps, for steps, ladders or platforms, as used in construction and agricultural machinery. Such parts are subjected to heavy loads and must function well in practice in addition to having a long service life. As a sister company of Baumaschinen Fink GmbH, we have great know-how in the field of commercial vehicles. Building on this knowledge, we can offer you complete production from a single source, from conception to prototype construction to series production.
Medical Technology

Hygienic and durable

Perforated sheets can be found in many medical technology applications and in the pharmaceutical industry: You see here, for example, an instrument tray in which screws are sorted and sterilized in preparation for an operation and then made available in the operating room. But perforated plates are also used to make insert plates for ovens or corrosion- and acid-resistant trays. Thanks to their physical properties, stainless and acid-resistant steels do not require any special care or cleaning. Perforated plates and trays made from high-alloy steels can withstand process temperatures of up to 1,150 °C and are also corrosion-resistant and largely chemical-resistant. These advantages are used by the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries, among others. As in all sectors, burr-free perforations are crucial in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Likewise, numerous variants of shapes and hole diameters are required. Contact us, if required we will manufacture the necessary tool for your solution.
Vehicle Construction

Sheets and perforated sheets in automotive engineering

In exhaust systems and mufflers, in explosion protection grilles for airbags or as lashing systems in commercial vehicles - perforated sheets made of steel or aluminum can be found everywhere. For example, our V-belt guards for commercial vehicles are made of KTL-coated steel. But of course we also manufacture parts without perforation or embossing. We have a special closeness to vehicle construction. Our sister company, Baumaschinen Fink GmbH, has been successfully producing and selling spare and wear parts for road pavers internationally since 1977. We therefore know about the opportunities and risks of development processes and practical solutions.
Furniture Industry

Interiors and furniture with transparency

Perforated sheets help furniture and accessories to become more transparent. Whether they are used in the private sphere or in the working world, they convey calm by creating a homogeneous surface. At the same time, they offer openness and lightness because, depending on the degree of perforation, they are permeable to light and view. Furniture made of perforated sheets can be elegant, technical or modern. The material always allows for individual design and the production of single pieces or large series. Perforated sheets are used in furniture construction as shelves, as seat shells for benches and chairs, as lampshades or as door elements. Perforated plates manufactured by us can be found, for example, in very different seating furniture. They are installed both in soccer stadiums and in the chairs of well-known manufacturers.
Food Industries

Hygienic: Sheets, sieves, and filters

Ob für komplexe Fertigungsstraßen oder schön gestaltete Produkte, unsere Lochbleche sind in vielen Lösungen für die Lebensmittelindsutrie im Einsatz. Lochbleche sind traditionell das perfekte Material, wenn Esswaren hygienisch befördert werden sollen. Bei der Beförderung können die Nahrungsmittel auf den Blechen abkühlen oder abtropfen. Aber auch wenn Lebensmittel gesiebt oder gefiltert werden müssen, sind Lochbleche das geeignete Material. Wir haben viel Erfahrung beim Einsatz von Lochblechen in komplexen Anlagen für Backwaren, Wurstwaren und vieles mehr.


On the picture you can see our ceiling suspension, which we implemented for the subway station Stadthalle in Fürth. The ceiling gives the hall a new, effective perspective. Whether for ceiling or wall cladding, for counters, staircases or cladding for heaters: Perforated sheets can conceal in an airy, elegant way while providing a view through. They can improve the sound of a room or give rooms their own identity in a cost-effective and artistic way. They have become indispensable in corporate architecture, trade fair construction and public buildings. Their aesthetic quality, long service life and useful static properties, as well as their low weight, are further design advantages. (Image of our ceiling suspension by Silesia711, CC BY-SA 4.0).

Consulting included

Our experienced technicians and engineers and our machinery help you with cost-efficient coordination and ensure smooth processing - right through to final inspection. Regardless of whether you need sun, privacy or sound protection, a complex facade, balcony cladding, railing or fencing elements, appearance and purpose require high design and manufacturing precision. We know the standards and meet them carefully and economically. Our radii are "right", starting with the individual piece up to large-scale production. We continuously adhere to the defined distances between perforation and fold or flanging. We look forward to discussing your ideas and complementing them with our knowledge and experience.