Construction and implementation of asemblies

Assemblies for metal sheet cladding

One focus of ours is the production of metal sheet cladding for mechinery and plant manufacuring. Here we produce entire assemblies, pre-assembled on assembly trolleys. For the individual shaping, we use an intelligent system control that offers us a strict focus on the needs of the customer. That means we are flexible in terms of circulation as well as in processing and finishing and also manufacture small series. The metal sheet cladding in mechanical engineering is usually powder-coated.

In architecture, too, high-quality, cost-conscious solutions are sought for large projects that can be quickly assembled on site. These can be roof elements, facade elements or window cladding, but also elements for noise barriers or so-called housings. Enclosures are buildings in which privacy, weather and theft protection play a role, such as at garbage collection points or bicycle shelters. In the architectural field, the design requirements are becoming ever greater, and at the same time, on-site assembly should be possible easy and quickly.

Construction and planning

For a perfect result in all industries, it is important that the planners and our specialists coordinate the concept and development at an early stage. This makes the planner’s vision technically feasible against the background of the cost situation.

For us, the focus is not on the problem, but always on the solution. Regardless of the industry, we support you in the production of metal sheet cladding from project planning, through CAD-supported construction and planning, to quality-assured implementation. Customer-specific design specifications can be incorporated online into the manufacturing process and implemented using CNC control. This creates flowing, precise panels of the highest quality.

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