Vertical integration and tool making

The core of our production capacities is formed by several wide and strip presses, a flatbed laser, a punching / laser center, press brakes, welding systems, a powder coating system and the tool shop. The periphery includes systems for straightening, rounding, folding, embossing, flanging, beading, drilling and deburring. Our own tool shop helps with project adjustments and can quickly solve unexpected problems. We are an experienced team, master the technology and meet high quality requirements on time, every day – gladly for you too!

Punching and perforating
We punch and perforate boards and coils. This happens on wide presses (up to 400 t), strip presses and punching and nibbling machines. Our systems can punch sheet metal up to a thickness of 8 mm and a size of 1,500 mm x 5,000 mm.
Laser cutting
Flatbed laser: Modern, programmable system with 4 kilowatt laser for cutting complex precision contours. A very good cutting quality can also be seen with heavy metal sheets.
Max. Sheet size: 2,000 x 4,000 mm
Thickness: sheet steel 20 mm, stainless steel 15 mm, aluminum 8 mm

Punch and laser combination machine: With our combined punching and laser system, we cut steel sheets and non-ferrous metals up to a thickness of 8 mm and a size of 1,700 mm x 4,000 mm exactly according to customer specifications.

Press brake
Powerful hydraulic press with angle sensors for the precise folding of panels for cladding, control cabinets, housing or machinery components. According to customer specifications, smaller bending angles or complicated profiles can be created in several steps. With in-house or task-specific tools from our own production, almost all wishes can be fulfilled.

With our press brakes we can fold stainless steel sheets up to a thickness of 3 mm and a working length of 4,000 mm.

By using a strip press, we are able to stamp sheets up to a size of 1,250 mm x 3,000 mm.
Straightening Rollers
By using a strip press, we are able to stamp sheets up to a size of 1,250 mm x 3,000 mm.
On the guillotine shears we can produce stainless steel cuts up to a thickness of 8 mm and a cutting length up to 3,000 mm.
Our rounding machines can round stainless steel up to a thickness of 3 mm and a length of 2,000 mm.
The welding technology corresponds with the various processing options: electrical, MIG, MAG, TIG, autogenous and spot welding. Ten combinable welding tables cover all practical sizes. Standard or project-specific devices permanently ensure the highest passing accuracy.

We have consistently been ISO 9001 certified for years.

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