Medical Technology

Hygienic and durable

Perforated sheets can be found in many medical technology applications and in the pharmaceutical industry: You see here, for example, an instrument tray in which screws are sorted and sterilized in preparation for an operation and then made available in the operating room. But perforated plates are also used to make insert plates for ovens or corrosion- and acid-resistant trays. Thanks to their physical properties, stainless and acid-resistant steels do not require any special care or cleaning. Perforated plates and trays made from high-alloy steels can withstand process temperatures of up to 1,150 °C and are also corrosion-resistant and largely chemical-resistant. These advantages are used by the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries, among others. As in all sectors, burr-free perforations are crucial in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Likewise, numerous variants of shapes and hole diameters are required. Contact us, if required we will manufacture the necessary tool for your solution.