Tradition and innovation

Our history goes back to 1851, when master locksmith Ernst Meck sold an artistically made cash register in Nuremberg. With the proceeds from the sale, he founded a workshop and began producing more safes and srong boxes with four journeymen. The demand for the products grew rapidly: By 1885, the workshop had already sold 2,000 safes. The wishes and ideas of the growing group of customers led to increasing specialization. Thus, when he took over the management after the death of the company’s founder in 1891, the son Bernhard drove the production of perforated sheets. In 1899, perforated sheets already reached 50% of the production volume.

Perforated metal sheet production and metal sheet processing became the main pillars and still are today. The openness to technical innovations and their sensible use resulted in a profound knowledge and manufacturing potential with partly patented processes.

Part of the Fink Group: Competence in metal

Ernst Meck GmbH has been part of the Fink Group since 2019, which is managed by the brothers Alexander and Daniel Fink. Both already took over the Baumaschinen Fink GmbH from their father which was founded in 1977 and successfully led it into the future. In addition to the headquarters in Schnaittach near Nuremberg, the company also operates worldwhite sales companies. Ernst Meck has a strong partner at his side with the specialist for road pavers that sells spare and wear parts worldwide. The resulting synergies in manufacturing and sales created an opportunity for expansion.

Our willingness to react openly to changes on the market and our enthusiasm for new technologies were always and still are the guarantee for our corporate success – and the corporate success of our customers.