Reuse and processing technology

Perforated plates are also used in the field of recycling and processing technology. They are used, among other things, in screening drum technology, sorting plants, defibering plants and washing or drying devices. In the recycling industry, the robust, individually formable and durable material has proved particularly successful. It defies mechanical wear and corrosion in a wide variety of recycling processes and materials - whether plastic, wood, paper, cardboard, leaves or glass. Sheet metal is particularly suitable for recovering the valuable material glass in the area of processing technology, for example in the form of an automated screening plant. Perforated plates and sheets can also be used for numerous functions in the loading of melting furnaces.


Due to their composition and other material properties, perforated plates and sheets are not only durable and corrosion-resistant. The material is also recyclable. The texture and thickness of the material can be customized for your facility and needs. This makes the material versatile in a wide variety of raw material recovery as well as process technologies. By using perforated plates and sheets, you are therefore using a recyclable material and setting another example in terms of environmental friendliness.
Food Industries

Recycling: longevity of materials

Whether for complex production lines or beautifully designed products, our perforated sheets are used in many food industry solutions. Perforated plates are traditionally the perfect material when food products need to be transported hygienically. During transportation, food can cool or drip on the trays. But also when food has to be sieved or filtered, perforated plates are the suitable material. We have a lot of experience in the use of perforated plates in complex installations for bakery products, sausages and much more.

Filters and strainers

Filtering and sieving are classic applications for perforated plates. The food industry and almost all other industries rely on stainless steel for this purpose. As a rule, our sieves and filters are used as components of machines or plants. As a partner of the industry, we are happy to meet demanding and complex requirements in this area together with our developers and technicians.
Mechanical Engineering

System solutions

We implement system solutions that fit seamlessly into our customers' production processes. For example, we manufacture machine cladding for the mechanical engineering industry. We prepare the finished parts on assembly carts and thus deliver them pre-assembled. This allows our customers to seamlessly integrate the parts into their production. Please contact us! We will find sensible and economical solutions for individual requirements.

Facade design: The second skin

Perforated sheets have been a revolution for architecture. They offer whole new possibilities for designing building envelopes and are cost-effective at the same time. For example, perforated and often curtain wall surfaces achieve impressive effects that vary depending on the time of day, weather and light. At the same time, these facades offer protection from sun and light, wind and rain. A wide range of materials is available for this purpose: from aluminum to steel, galvanized steel or stainless steel to titanium. The surfaces can be treated individually - powder-coated, anodized, brushed, ground or galvanized. They are durable, easy to clean and weather resistant. Outstanding static properties and the low weight allow slim constructions. We are happy to implement your ideas!
Mechanical Engineering

Steel and its finishes

Steel covers a very wide range of applications. It is strong, tough and extremely resistant to mechanical stresses. Strip galvanized steel sheet is well suited for less corrosively demanding interior areas; however, it can be effectively protected against rust with a subsequent powder coating. Stainless and acid-resistant steels can be used universally in building services and industrial applications. Thanks to their physical properties, they do not require special care and cleaning. For high loads, such as wear parts in road construction, we use extremely abrasion-resistant Hardox® sheet.
Vehicle Construction

Heat shields, filters, ventilation grilles

Whether heat shields on exhaust systems or ventilation grilles - perforated sheets have to withstand many requirements in commercial vehicles: Dirt, small stones, dust or even insects must be filtered; on the other hand, a high air passage must be possible. Due to the high load, special stability is required. If the grids can then be installed easily and quickly, they fulfilled our expectations. Contact us - we will be happy to work with you to determine the optimum ratio of air intake and installation size.

Inserts for hydrants and suction baskets

Inserts for hydrants and suction baskets for centrifugal pumps ensure function and reduce maintenance. The perforated plates "brought into shape" must be robust, corrosion-resistant and durable.